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Welcome to The Noodle Factory

Thank you for visiting our site. The Noodle Factory is currently recruiting exceptional players to finish off its progression team. If your interested in joining us please feel free to browse the site and drop an application.

You can find out more about us by looking under the Raid Menu as well as the Rules Menu at the top of this page. Most questions will be answered there. Access to Logs etc are there as well for your convenience. If you wish to fill out an application please click the Join Us Menu at the top of the site. If you wish to talk to someone first please contact a member in game and they can direct you to an officer.. or contact me directly via email me/RealID at

Thank you for your interest,

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Filed under: News items, Warlords of Draenor A new round of updates have been released for the alpha client of Warlords of Draenor. Included in the patch notes are new sections covering changes and adjustments with Itemization, Movement...
Published Apr 19, 2014
Filed under: Hearthstone Insider Apparently we weren't the only ones waiting for Hearthstone to come out on the iPad. According to Business Insider, Hearthstone is the number one app in 34 countries, and the number one game in 36. This i...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Filed under: News items Blizzard has announced an EU gift card program. These gift cards, which come in the amount of €20, are available throughout many popular retailers around Europe. Upon using the gift card, the user'...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Filed under: Warlords of Draenor As a new alpha build hit servers last night, the datamining began again. Wowhead has already turned up a plethora of new models, weapons and more, and has now turned to one of the most hotly anticipated ...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Filed under: Hotfixes, Mists of Pandaria A new round of hotfixes for patch 5.4.7 have been released and posted on the official blog. Most of the hotfixes from today involve old raid encounters and achievements -- including one fix that ...
Published Apr 15, 2014
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