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Welcome to The Noodle Factory

Thank you for visiting our site. The Noodle Factory is currently recruiting exceptional players to firm up our roster for WoD. If your interested in joining us please feel free to explore the site and drop an application

Our goal is to quickly and efficiently progress through 20-man MYTHIC content without manic raid leaders, immature kids, or any other drama that takes away from having as much fun as possible. We are dedicated to PvE Raid progression above all else but we also believe having a vibrant and fun community is just as important if one wants to get the most out of what we consider a great game. While many of our members enjoy other games and other WOW activities, PvE raiding always comes first. With that said, all of our policies and rules are based on this goal alone.

If you wish to talk to someone first please contact any member in-game and they can direct you to an officer.. or alternatively send a request to Leadbelly#1698 or Raanch#1268

Thank you for your interest,


Recruiting Needs
Restoration Druid
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
A week has passed since the last round of hotfixes, but a new batch has been released tonight. Tonight's round includes bug fixes, class balance changes, and more. The Garrison Campaign fixes include: A Stolen Heart: Azuka Bladefury s...
Published Jan 22, 2015
The 10 year anniversary of World of Warcraft decided to wrap up in style with a special gift mailed to players that have been with the game since the very beginning. Players who created an account within 60 days of World of Warcraft's or...
Published Jan 16, 2015
After today's long maintenance, another list of hotfixes has been revealed. Some highlights today include: Blackrock Caverns: Rom'ogg Bonecrusher's Skullcracker ability should now correctly deal damage to Angered Earth elementals, all...
Published Jan 14, 2015
The weekend brought another small release of hotfixes for Patch 6.0.3. The list may be short, but there are a few different notes in there that players should take note of. On the list are a few PvP battleground changes, an adjustment to...
Published Jan 10, 2015
According to a tweet by Blizzard QAZorbrix, Patch 6.1 is in the process of being released to the PTR servers for testing. In addition, PTR forums will be making a return next week. While we haven't seen patch notes for 6.1 just yet, data...
Published Jan 10, 2015